Kordes Roses

Custom ERP System (Florisynergy)

Florisynergy System is a custom flower industry solution that enables flowers farms to efficiently manage and track their operations.

  • Improves visibility by enabling the farms to know the stocks that are being produced and are being held  in the cold rooms at any given time at a touch of a button.
  • Enables the farms to keep a database of all their clients, their contact details, orders and feedback, this ensures that the farms can always anticipate the quantity requirements from their clients.
  • Improves accuracy of the quantities produced from the greenhouses and from the pack houses. This is achieved by having an online/offline Android/IOS app that enables the bunchers in the pack house to capture their production per variety and length. The app also enables the teams in the greenhouses to  capture field production data.
  • Enables farms to easily and efficiently track all their trials varieties using the trials module. The trials can be tracked from the time the order is placed at the breeders farm to the time the trials are received at the growers farm to planting, propagation, transfer, simulations and eventually uprooting or conversion to commercial plants.

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